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Finnid commonly asked Question (FAQ) page contains a list of questions and answers concerning Nidhi software, Nidhi company, Nidhi website, Mobile app for Nidhi company and other related queries of Nidhi Business. For other questions and more information, please contact us.

List of questions and answers related Nidhi Business

A nidhicompany, is one that belongs to the non-banking Indian finance sector and is recognized under section 406 of the businesses Act, 2013. Their core business is borrowing and lending money between their members. they're also referred to as Permanent Fund, Benefit Funds, Mutual Benefit Funds and Mutual Benefit Company. Earlier it had been required to urge registration from reserve bank of India, but since 2002; RBI has exempted Nidhi company from its supervision.

Finnid is the name of ERP for management of Nidhi companies with holistic approach. Finnid (hereinafter mentioned as “Nidhi Software”) is a unique cloud based secured platform for managing business of Finance companies includes Member, FD, RD, DD, LOANS Management, NDH returns filing, GST Returns Filing, Unencumbered Deposit Report & other reports as asked by Chartered Accountants & Company Secretaries. Also, It support Debit cards, IFSC, NEFT/IMPS/UPI Transfers, Credit Report, Utility Payments from Saving and far more.

Our Developed Nidhi Software helps you in focused on satisfying the requirements of all the stakeholder of the your company be it Shareholders, Members, Directors, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Advocates, Staff, Borrowers & Government. It speed you up your work and reduces the hours needed to perform time-intensive management and organizational responsibilities, improving effectiveness, driving out cost and increasing profitability. it's fully customizable and can be integrated with real time Mobile, SMS and Email system. Nidhi software also referred to as RD FD Software or Agro Producer Software and it's simple and straightforward to know . Our process and methodologies are persistently monitored, efficient to stay pace with the new innovations in technology and customer's requirements. an individual can master of this Nidhi software in short time with basic computer knowledge.

We believe fair business practices. We treat our customers with utmost care by providing them the proper & appropriate information, our pure focus is customer satisfaction & not customer creation. We believe that new customers are by-product of your service to your current customer. we would like our customers see happy & never feel cheated. Being a group of professionals, our prime motto towards customer is delivery of right information for his or her benefit.

Points to settle on us:
  • Customized Sop Development
  • Process Oriented Web Application
  • User FriendyUx/Ui Design
  • ERP Enabler
  • End-User Oriented platform
  • Process Simplification
  • Inbuilt Artificial Legal Consultation
  • Inbuilt Compliance Modules
  • Developed with the team of IT, Legal & Accounting Experts
  • Capacity to adapt new learning

Finnid has be developed with team of subjective experts like Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Advocates, Software Engineers, Nidhi Businessman & NBFC businessman etc. So, as far as the working of the software is concerned, it's single solution giving importance to all or any the stakeholders.

Yes, we do an enormous amount of Nidhi software testing: QA, system testing, functionality & feature testing, integration testing, regression testing, web software testing, compatibility testing on various platforms, load and performance testing, test suit preparations, execution of test cases, reporting, etc.

Yes, we do support all software we design supported a product license. This generally includes bug-tracking and fixing. Feature enhancements and developments are handled.

We do our greatest to avoid programming errors in products delivered to our customers. However, everybody conversant in software development practice knows that from time to time bugs appear even within the highest quality products. We try to repair bugs as soon as possible.

It's an interactive process. For successful design project realization, we'd like an in depth specification. you should point all of your preferences concerning style, color gamut, shapes. Also, we'd like to understand your project specification, description of the appliance the planning are going to be developed for. it might be great to possess demo versions of your programs for further design development.

There is variety of approaches for reviewing status of the project: the web allows us to speak together with your as easily as if we were nearby . we'll provide you with regular status reports supported time sheets from our developers. Regular updates of the schedule with specified current status provides upper level view to the state of project. once more , the foremost convenient ways are E-mail, ICQ, MSN messenger, Net meeting. many tools allow you to speak on to your programmer team in real time. it's also possible to appoint a team leader, if you favor one point of contact. supported reviewing these status artifacts you'll propose changes to the project process, features, etc.

The most convenient way of creating contact seems to be via the web . E-mail may be a quick thanks to send information, questions, and comments. you'll send your questions and comments to the subsequent EMail sales@diptimate.com